Kubernetes包管理工具 - Helm



2.1 添加Helm源


$ helm repo add apphub https://apphub.aliyuncs.com/
$ helm repo update

helm repo的基本用法:

  helm repo [command]

Available Commands:
  add         add a chart repository
  index       generate an index file given a directory containing packaged charts
  list        list chart repositories
  remove      remove one or more chart repositories
  update      update information of available charts locally from chart repositories

2.2 搜索Chart

$ helm search repo nfs
NAME                            CHART VERSION   APP VERSION     DESCRIPTION
apphub/nfs-client-provisioner   1.2.8           3.1.0           nfs-client is an automatic provisioner that use...
apphub/nfs-server-provisioner   1.0.0           2.3.0           nfs-server-provisioner is an out-of-tree dynami...

2.3 查看Chart

helm show的基本用法:

  helm show [command]

  show, inspect

Available Commands:
  all         show all information of the chart
  chart       show the chart's definition
  readme      show the chart's README
  values      show the chart's values

$ helm show chart apphub/nfs-client-provisioner

2.4 安装Chart


$ helm install nfs-storage apphub/nfs-client-provisioner \
--set nfs.server= \
--set nfs.path=/home/pengbotao/nfs \
--set nfs.sotrageClass.name=nfs-storage \
--set sotrageClass.defaultClass=true

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